The church hub

We are a church consulting firm designed to provide Administrative, Information technology and Strategy Solutions to Churches and Ministries in the pursuit of their vision and mission.

We Maximize Admin Productivity

We believe that investing in the development of church staff is crucial to the success of any church. By providing training and resources, we aim to empower church workers to effectively serve their communities and further the mission of the church.

Don't Know where to start?

Need help with your church administration and you don't know where to start? here are some things you can do:


Seek out resources and training

There are many free resources and training programs available on this website to help pastors, workers and church staffs improve their administrative skills. 


Ask for help from experienced professionals

If you’re struggling with specific tasks or challenges, consider seeking help from our experienced professionals.


Utilize our tools and softwares

We have many tools and software programs that help streamline your church administration. For example, you may want to consider using our database management system, financial software (Easy Church).